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It’s always so inspiring to meet genuine lovely people on my yoga journey and Libby has been one of my favourite people to interview not just because she’s an inspirational human to me on the business side of things (she has cultivated an enormous online and social presence check her out on Insta “lib_yoga”) but because of who she is offline…a down to earth yogi with a powerful practice, at the same time a real passion and dedication to helping her students grow and progress no matter what stage of their journey they are on. Super excited to be diving deeper with the amazing Libby Hucker this week and sharing with you guys…

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your work and what you do?

My name is Libby Hucker. I’m a Sagittarius. I grew up in Brisbane. Throughout my schooling years I did gymnastics and ballet. After I finished school and ballet my sister suggested I try yoga. I fell in love with yoga after my first class. I remember seeing this woman up in a headstand and being so inspired. I’ve been practising yoga for about 9 years and decided to do my teacher training in India a few years ago. I am also a registered nurse.

How active are you on a weekly basis? Do you have your own home practice? A fave place to workout?

I try to do something every day. I’m going through a stage of being obsessed with weight training and even though I can barely lift 20kgs I love how I feel after a session. It has also really helped my yoga. My favourite type of workout will always be a yoga class. I’m moving overseas soon so I’ve been trying to get to as many different teacher’s classes as possible. My home practice is mainly me trying out different inversions and having fun.

Do you have any tips for people wanting to move into the seat of yoga teacher?

Do it! It was the best decision I ever made. It has taken me years to get comfortable teaching and I still sometimes get nervous before a class. My best piece of advice would be that if you stutter or stumble over a word or tell the class to put the same foot forward just know that no one cares and no one will judge you. I find when I make a mistake teaching and laugh it off everyone loves it and it lifts the mood of the class making it less serious and more fun. Also, make sure you have a few good playlists. My favourite musician to listen to during yoga is Sol Rising.

Who was your first teacher/ coach/ thought leader that inspired you?

My biggest inspiration to this day is Dereck Lee. He was one of my first teachers. He’s a minimalist he has the most incredible practice and above all he is so genuine and lovely. I also love Rachel Brathen she was the first yoga person on Instagram I followed, I would absolutely love to do one of her classes!

What would you say is the biggest challenge about being a yoga teacher?

Letting your own practice slip because you spend a lot of your own time planning classes. Keeping the classes fresh and interesting can also sometimes be a struggle. I find the best way to help is getting to other teacher’s classes, watching You Tube videos and tutorials online.

What’s the biggest challenge for you having such a presence on Instagram? How do you navigate through this?

I feel pressure to post really interesting poses and sometimes I’ll force myself into a pose before my body is ready. I try not to keep an eye on the number of followers I have or the likes I get because I used to and it really got me down if a picture didn’t do as well as I wanted. I went through a stage about 6 months ago where I didn’t really post much and I wanted to delete it. I re-evaluated why I post pictures and why I have my Instagram and it made me remember all of the amazing friends I’ve made all around the world. I have booked so many jobs through my Instagram and I’ve even used it as a resume. I think you just have to be really chilled with it, not take it too seriously and be genuine.

How would you describe the style of yoga you teach?

The style of yoga I teach is fast, powerful and challenging. I found myself teaching this way as it’s my favourite way to practice yoga. I do love teaching yin and slower classes as well but my favourite is definitely power yoga. I love to always incorporate inversions such as headstands, handstands and arm balances.

What would you say is the greatest satisfaction of being a yoga teacher?

Seeing beginners become advanced. Seeing someone nail a pose for the first time. Seeing people smile and leave the class happy and relaxed. The yoga world is truly amazing I have made so many new friends just through teaching and going to other classes. Everyone is so like-minded and kind. Sometimes I’ll be driving to the studio and thinking ‘I really don’t feel like teaching’ then the second the class is over I feel incredible. I get so inspired by everyone who comes to my classes and always feel so incredibly lucky to be able to teach such beautiful humans. Post class chats are also always so much fun.

What’s your best self care tip?

Drink lots of water, do yoga, burn incense sticks and try to watch every sunset. Whenever I’m feeling down, anxious or confused I go for a walk, I look at the trees, the sky, the flowers I notice everything. I am then forced to remember what a beautiful world we live in and what amazing lives we all have. Breathing exercises are also incredible if you are stressed or anxious. My favourite is Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) I learnt this in India.

How can we and our tribe help to grow you and your business? How can we serve you?

The inspiration I receive from seeing two women manage a business and lead amazing yoga retreats is truly incredible. Please keep posting gorgeous pictures and writing the blog. I hope I can join in on a retreat one day.

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