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"Transformative travel, relaxation of the body, mind and soul and creating an environment to escape from the outside world and daily distractions. Come to Temple's haven which is filled with self exploration, love, laughter and rest".


At Temple we believe that your body, mind and soul is exactly that...A Temple. 


What better time to look after yourself holistically than on a beautiful week of retreat? Nourish your mental and emotional wellbeing together with your physical body which is the temple of your soul. 


From the moment you enter a Temple Retreat you are immediately transported to another world. 


We look forward to welcoming you into your own private sanctuary with open arms and delight in creating a week tailored to your wants and needs for your precious time away.


A week filled with nurturing, relaxation, and fun mixed with the expertise of your retreat facilitators means you can get back to YOU and focus on enjoying all your retreat has to offer. 

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