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Inspirational Human- KARLIE ARMANSIN

I am literally bursting to share this interview with you guys, I was lucky enough to sit down with the beautiful Karlie Armansin this week to chat all things pilates, health, wellness and life. If you haven’t met this divine human before in my eyes she is an incredibly inspirational lady who has taken the plunge from the corporate media/events world into a career where she gets to share her passion and love of Pilates on a daily basis. What could be more inspirational than someone who wants to share their knowledge and expertise for the betterment of others health and wellbeing?

Karlie says “I want to introduce as many people as possible to Pilates, and encourage them to live a happy, healthy and well balanced life.”

Everything this beautiful human stands for we embrace too here at Temple Yoga & Retreats and I know you guys are going to enjoy getting to know this goddess as much as I have…

How did you first get into Pilates?

My friend was getting married and asked me to do a Pilates reformer 30 day challenge with her. I had always been into health and fitness so agreed. After the 30 days I saw a massive improvement in my knee and lower back pain (thanks long distance running!). I was amazed and wanted to learn more. I started my study with no intention of teaching. I signed up to the Studio Pilates anatomy and mat work course to better understand my body and the improvements I had seen. While studying and working full time, I started some social media and blogging under the name That Pilates Passion. It gained some traction and I absolutely fell in love with teaching and the benefits of Pilates. Once I was qualified I started taking private clients and it all grew very quickly. I decided to quit my full time job and have a go at teaching Pilates full time. I got jobs with studios and realised I liked this better than having private clients as there were no cancellations and less admin. Now I work for a bunch of studios in Brisbane and also take on the occasional private, corporate and retreat work.

What made you take the plunge to leave the corporate world and follow your passion?

I was miserable in my corporate job and had no work life balance. I think the change was selfish at first but is now very much about all of my beautiful clients and inspiring as many people as I can to take care of themselves body, mind and spirit.

What’s the hardest part about full time teaching?

They recommend teaching 15 classes a week so for me and my schedule (25-30 classes a week) I find full time teaching very demanding on my body, voice and energy levels. I absolutely love it though and am lucky that I have the variety of teaching Pilates mat, Pilates reformer and barre to keep it interesting.

What’s the most rewarding thing about doing what you love for a living?

Every day I am surrounded by like-minded people who motivate and inspire me. I am able to live an active life and help people reach their health and fitness goals. It's also flexible - I'm my own boss so can choose how much or how little I want/need to work.

How do you manage to fit in your own practice now days whilst running a successful business?

This is something I am very committed to. You absolutely have to practice what you preach. I literally live and breathe fitness. When I am not teaching, I am planning classes or working out myself. I always try and do the classes before I teach them so I can sympathise and cue well because I know how it feels.

What’s your best piece of advice for the beginners out there thinking about trying Pilates?

Pilates is absolutely amazing. When I first started Pilates I was so amazed that you could strengthen and tone your body without ‘smashing’ yourself. I also love that Pilates is functional training so it prepares you for everyday life. It also compliments other forms of training so you will see big improvements in your sports and weight training.

What’s one of your proudest achievements?

My biggest achievement is taking the plunge to teach full time. It was absolutely terrifying but the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made and the fact I’m teaching at so many amazing studios in Brisbane. This is only my first year of full time teaching so lot’s more to come from me!

What do you think is the most important thing to work into your daily routine to improve overall wellbeing?

For me overall wellbeing is so many different thinks: healthy eating, exercise, sleep, self-love… I think it’s important to find a routine that works for you and view wellbeing as a balance of many different thinks. You can’t focus on one and forget all the others!

Who inspires you? Can you name some of your favorite bloggers or Instagram accounts you follow?

I love the amazing @brigxx (for reformer and fitness inspo) my amazing Barre Body girl boss @emmabarrebody (for #goals), @kerispilatesroom (for mat Pilates inspo and #mumgoals). I also love following fitness brands such as @lurvsportswear @aimnsportswear @nimbleactivewear for fitspo.

How active are you on a weekly basis? How many times do you practice and or train/workout?

I teach aprox. 25 classes a week and 20 of those I would do a small percentage of when I demonstrate. I also try and do 2 x reformer sessions, at least one cardio and one boxing or zuu class per week. I spend weekends resting so don’t workout except teaching my classes and maybe a casual walk with friends.

How do you spend your down time? How do you relax?

My ‘downtime’ is limited. When I’m not teaching I’m planning classes, writing blogs, going to meetings, working out, meal prepping, seeing friends or going to the beach. I’m a big foodie so I love eating out and trying new food places. I am also studying my cert 3 and 4 so I’m also trying to fit that in too! One thing I won’t compromise on is sleep. I ensure I get 7 hours or I’ll fit a nap in to make up for lack of sleep.

Want to take class with Karlie? Here’s where you can find her:

KX Pilates:

Harlow Hot Pilates & Yoga:


Barre Body:

That Pilates Passion:

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