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Meet Our Tribe - Hayley Dunne

One of the best things about retreat is meeting like minded people and making new friends. Community is so important to Lisa and I and we can safely say that the bonds and connections we have made with our guests (and them with one another) over the years is a bond that is unparalleled and really does last the test of time (when you spend a week growing and learning and having fun together you really leave feeling like family).

So we wanted to share a little insight into our retreat from one of our tribe, Hayley who has just booked into her THIRD retreat with us and is looking forward to a reunion with other past guests this August in Bali.

What was the thing you enjoyed the most about your week away with us?

The connection. Nat and Gabs (my fellow guests) are like family now, and you guys feel even more like that than you did before. I'll never forget how much fun I had with them and how relaxed I felt in that group. I didn't need to be anything to anyone, I could just be myself and I felt appreciated and loved for that too. My favorite day was definitely that day we went exploring and had a cute lunch at the floating café. Having the freedom to choose your own adventure and do what feels right for you was exactly what I needed.

What have you implemented on your return home?

I prioritise what makes me happy now. It's kinda hard to do that if you don't know what that is. Bali gave me the space I needed and along with Lisa's guidance (re values) it helped me realise what was most important to me and what keeps me grounded at home. This means yoga every week, a hell of a lot of self-compassion and gentle reminders to be grateful for the life that I have. When I'm stressed and overwhelmed I come back to what I learnt in Bali - that I'm living my values, I love this life that I have cultivated for myself and that when I come back to my practice - be it yoga, a quiet walk, whatever connects me to breath - I can feel grounded again. Taking time for myself to breathe, to relax and to just have fun was the most nourishing, rewarding and incredible thing I could have done for myself.

How did you find the service of your facilitators Lisa & Brodie?

You guys are the best, I love you to bits.

Were you happy with your accommodation?

I can't actually believe you're asking me this. I was still pinching myself that it was real on the last day.

Did you enjoy participating in daily Yoga & Meditation?

I LOVED yoga so so much. The in house yoga shala is the most beautiful place, and it was incredible to wake up and practice while the sun rises. Loved it.

What was your favourite activity?

The bike tour through the rice fields was beautiful. It was so great to experience some of Bali and go sightseeing a little.

How will this retreat positively affect your life?

Going to Bali was an investment in myself. This retreat was a whole week spent focusing on my mental health, remembering what's important to me and what keeps me grounded. I returned home with more gratitude for the life that I have and renewed energy for all of the things that I love.

Could anyone benefit from an experience like this?

Spending a week away in Ubud was an absolute dream, and the way Brodie and Lisa run their retreats allows you to create the perfect getaway for yourself. The flexibility to opt in and out of activities each day means that you can listen to your body and give it exactly what it needs. I felt completely at ease in Ubud, as Brodie and Lisa are so welcoming and made me feel at home for my entire stay. I'd highly recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to spend a week in paradise. Brodie and Lisa are practically Ubud locals, and fill each retreat with the best day trips, cafe visits and luxurious spa treatments. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect week away.

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