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Our Connection To Ubud

As our 2017 retreat is coming up soon, and Ive just popped back from scoping out my fave place in the world, I feel it’s perfect timing to share with you my love of Bali. Particularly Ubud and the amazing things this wonderful town has to offer your physical and spiritual health, and overall well being.

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, then Ubud is the place to be to find your own 'Eat, Pray, Love' experience.

I can’t quite explain why Ubud is so special, each and every time I visit this spiritual hub in Bali I instantly feel at home. I begin to slow down, Im happier and more relaxed and start to feel more connected.

Things that worried me beforehand (you know those trivial things we can get caught up on in our daily lives) no longer seem important. You get this immense sense of perspective on life. Stress and tension in my body starts to dissolve (could be due to the bulk amount of cheap massages), I sleep like a baby and feel more, and more alive, as each day passes. Ubud, as always doesn’t take long to work its magic on me.

Full of culture and beauty, Ubud offers a respite from the hectic and fast paced lives a lot of of live now days. In the past Ubud was just a small village, but now it has grown into a thriving yet laid back cosmopolitan community. Ubud pampers visitors in body and soul.

I love the food here, in fact we purposely don’t include lunch at our villa on retreats to encourage people to meet us at our favorite organic cafes around the area to truly get that Ubud experience. Ubud's fine dining restaurants and spas will delight and relax the senses. A walk through the lush paddy fields and watching colourful processions of women gracefully balancing piles of fruit offerings on their way to the temple is simply breathtaking.

The accommodation for our retreat in July & August is conveniently located a short walk from the city centre (a quick 10-15 minute stroll in fact) but secluded enough to provide you with a haven on your return home from exploring during the day.

I just touched back down in Brissy from Ubud over the weekend and am so so excited when I think about all the amazing experiences and favorite places I will get to take my guests to in a couple of months time. It’s a truly transformative place to be in and we can’t wait to show our beautiful group of like-minded people what Ubud and Bali really has to offer.

(** ONE ROOM LEFT ** on week 2 our our retreat August 2017...get in quick! BOOK HERE)

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