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It is ridiculously awesome to have the opportunity to work in Radio, a career that I genuinely love. The best bits include working side by side beautiful and inspiring people everyday that I call my work family and the fact that no two days in radio are ever the same! The stunning Abby Coleman from Brisbane's Hit 105's brekkie Show Stav, Abby & Matt with Osher is one of those amazing humans I get to work with and also call a good friend.

Abby has a love of life like no other. You can't help but feel energised just hanging out with Abs.

She is generous with her time despite the fact that she gets up before 3am for a workout prior to her breakfast radio gig, has 2 small boys and a cute tradie husband we call Scotty too Hotty, does a stack of work for TV including appearances on 'Have You Been Paying Attention' as well as news weather reports on the weekends, she manages to squeeze in camping trips with her besties and cocktails on a Friday with work friends and recently decided to take on the title of 'Coach' for her eldest son's AFL team. She legit trained the kids recently with a full face of make up before jetting off to an event straight after. This girl cracks me up, amazes me with her zest for life and rarely sweats the small stuff. Recently I quizzed her on her most recent fitness endeavors - enjoy the read and make sure you catch her on Hit 105 6am-9am weekdays.


I am loving Abbys’ Tour Of Booty! Where did this idea come from?

I get bored easily so I'm obsessed with trying new fitness crazes. I think a lot of people are also interested to try a new class their friend has talked about or they have seen online but scared to commit. My tour of booty started as a way to try out the classes with a group of like minded people- no commitment just trying them out.

What inspired you to focus more on your health, fitness & wellbeing?

I do go through periods where I lack motivation and I wish I wasn't so yo yo weight wise but as soon as I take too much time off I notice my moods are effected so I'll kick start a "fitness focus month" by doing a mini retreat or going without sugar and alcohol as I notice I have to focus on my fitness for mental health. Moving body equals a happy mind for me.

Have you tried Yoga? Did you enjoy it?

Over the years I've tried yoga - so many different types but I've lacked consistency. It's something I'm working on. Embarrassed to say my fitness has been about "body punishing" in the past and I'm working on body nurturing for my future.

What style or fitness class have you loved the most so far?

Anti- gravity yoga was amazing!!

(Side note - Brod's has recently finished her Anti - gravity yoga teacher training, her classes will be at Yoga Box West End starting this week!!)

What do you think is the key to keeping up a regular fitness routine?

Blocking in fitness into your calendar like you do a work meeting.

How and when do you manage to workout between early mornings on breakfast radio, loads of events and being a mum?

I realise this sounds insane but I don't have time after work before I get the kids but I know that before work is my time so I'll set my alarm a few times a week at 3:15am and go for a run around the river or do an app workout in the office before anyone gets in. I can crank the music and be in my own world!

Is there anything left on your fitness bucket list?

Yoga and meditation is always on there - I ran away from a ten day mediation retreat on day 3! Ha ha I want to also do more dance classes

What’s your most epic fitness fail?

Punishing myself to run for an hour and a half seven days a week and crying if I couldn't achieve it or doing it at 11pm! I wasn't in a good place. That and popping a fitness ball during a pregnancy classes- yes you can break them!

What’s your proudest achievement so far?

Running the bridge to Brisbane twice under 60mins after having each of my sons.

Whats next for tour of booty? I've requested if the firebirds or Brisbane lions would take us for a session - love to experience a training session of a professional athlete

Abby you are a super human and inspire me everyday. Just recently I asked her to do the Tough Mudder as a part of a radio campaign and without questions she jumped straight in, head to toe in mud and gave it her all. She never ceases to amaze me, continuously stepping outside her comfort zone. Thanks for being a true example of how to live your life fearlessly.

Lisa xx

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