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How To Create More Balance

Balance can be one of those tricky words that means something different to everybody. No matter what balance means to you it's what us humans crave the most, and how we create it in our lives is inevitably our own choice.

More often than not its been drilled into us to do it all, be it all, wear so many different hats, play so many different roles and play all of these rolls perfectly especially in todays corporate world. Its so easy to get swept up in your busy day to day life, in the scene you roll in and the ideas of the people you surround yourself with rather than taking the time to sit down and reflect on what feels right for YOU!

I have been teaching Yoga full time for over five years now, making the change from the hustle and bustle of the world of corporate media. Although I didn’t think it at the time the stress I was under in those high pressure, fast paced roles was the biggest gift at that time. It forced me to look at my life, what was throwing me out of balance, what wasn’t working, what I was whinging about and to change it.

By no means am I saying that quitting your corporate desk job and becoming a yogi is the answer to all life’s problems, if anything now days I believe its whats you do in your 5-9 rather than your 9-5 can be just as important, but I do believe there are a few easy steps or tools you can use to create a bit more balance in your life.

1- HAVE FUN! Are you spending too much time doings things that just aren’t fun? Doing things you feel you ‘NEED’ to do rather than things you ‘WANT’ to do? Laugh, joke, play, nothing feels better than spending time with those people who make you really laugh

2- SWITCH OFF. Disconnect on the weekend. Put the phone down, turn off the computer and give your work brain a bit of a much needed rest. Spend time interacting with other people, your loved ones, family and friends.

3- CUT DOWN. If your life is overflowing with that never ending to do list, its always going to be hard to find balance. Sometimes we get used to saying yes to everything we forget that sometimes a no is needed in order to find some time for ourselves

4- PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR HEALTH. Why not try a yoga class or sign up for a week long retreat, it can help to reduce stress by promoting relaxation and taking time out from the daily grind. Finding balance on your mat in body, mind and soul will inevitably flow over to your daily life.

5- CREATE CHANGE. Can you change one thing right now? A full lifestyle overhaul is not always the way to go, is there one thing you could change to help you find that little bit of balance in your life? It could be as simple as bringing yoga into your workplace, buying more fresh produce or treating yourself to something special once a week. Just one simple change at a time might just get the ball rolling to help you live a happier and healthier life.

What sort of balance would you like to create in your life?

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