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Byron Bay Retreat October

It’s no secret to anyone who knows Lisa and I that we are head over heels in love with Bali (I mean we started a business and revolve our life around traveling there), There are two interesting things we have found while organizing our last retreat overseas, the first being that for a lot of people taking time away from kids, family, work and all that adulting for an entire week is sometimes not possible or feasible and secondly what we also found is in our opinion it was those people who needed and deserved to ‘re(TREAT) themselves’ the most!

So how to solve this problem? We have literally found Byron Bay's best kept secret for those seeking a little getaway and of course with a Balinese flair keeping true to our fave style! For our tribe who couldn’t make it to Bali we have crafted a yummy 3 night/4 day mini retreat just for you this OCTOBER (12th-15th)!

With quite a few of our repeat guests already booked in there are only limited spots available with only one double and one single space left so get in quick for Temple Yoga & Retreats ONLY Aussie escape this year…

And just in case you need a good excuse to explore what is practically our backyard and come away with us – here’s 10 reasons why our Byron Bay escape should be your number one choice for your precious annual leave this year!


Soooo many of them to explore in this area! Under the "walking distance" rule, Byron Bay can claim Belongil Beach, Main Beach, Clarkes Beach, The Pass, Little Wategos, Wategos, and Cozy Corner/Tallow Beach, and lucky for us our Bali style accommodation is absolute beach front one of the few properties in Byron positioned right on the sand with majestic ocean views!


Walking along the beaches of Byron is absolutely stunning, but you could also do the beautiful lighthouse walk on your weekend away if you're looking to get a bit more active. I’ve done the walk many times myself with retreat guests and never tire of it sometimes spotting dolphins, whales and turtles. Once you get to the top the views from the Byron Bay Lighthouse are so beautiful, it’s a truly memorable experience.


I can not tell you how lucky we are to have one of Byron Bays most renowned vegan cooks catering for us. Anthea from Organic Passion is a self taught vegan cook, cooking for herself since she was 14 years old. Her expertise has spanned almost 3 decades of vegan cooking and I am predicting the food on retreat is going to be the highlight of our whole weekend. We also take our group for a meal at ‘The Farm’ where they embrace produce that is organic or spray free and sustainably farmed to make all the meals on their menu & BBQ, so delish!


Many of us come to yoga seeking change, whether it is less pain, more flexibility, weight maintenance, or a quieter mind, whatever your reason for wanting to try yoga or delve deeper into your practice you have the opportunity to participate in a class each morning while on retreat. For me yoga has changed my life, it has made such an impact that I am now lucky enough to have made my passion for yoga into a job (although it doesn’t feel right calling it that). I came to yoga for the physical side of the practice as most people do, it really is the only form of ‘exercise’ that has changed my body in such a positive way, but if you ask me it’s what’s going on inside that has really made the difference. All fitness levels and yoga experience are welcome on our retreats.


It’s hard to be self aware when we are so use to being go, go, go…In order to cultivate self awareness you really need to stop doing and start ‘being’. Meditation is the perfect solution for this and it doesn’t even need to be the traditional cross legged seated meditation to start bringing a little more awareness into your daily life. It could be something as simple as walking in nature or focusing on your breath, we promise to show you the tools you need to take home to make this practice a part of your daily life.


If you haven’t experienced an inspire & insight session with Lisa you are in for a treat. Lease has this amazing ability to help and empower others and her sessions touch on a few tools she uses in her daily life to reach her own full potential and live a happy and fulfilled life.

By sharing techniques and tools she has picked up over her lifetime (things such as gratitude practices & tips on how to live a good life) Lisa provides our guests with tools she has found has worked in her own life and have helped her to confidently face difficult situations and push past emotional barriers. There’s something for everyone in these sessions and It’s been a joy over the past year watching our guests take home little gems and incorporate them into their daily lives.


Most of us know that self care is essential for happiness, and you’ve honored that simply by signing up to a Temple Retreat. Our beautiful accommodation comes complete with hot rock sauna & steam room so you can give yourself permission on retreat to have some quality alone time indulging, and seriously chill out (or heat up hehe). What better way to recharge and reset? We will have you floating back home on cloud nine.


While socialising with friends and loved ones is also essential to our happiness, simply being with yourself, to give yourself love, “ME TIME”, time to just be, recharge and reset is so important. Bring that book you’ve been meaning to read and relax on the beach right at our doorstep.


Everyone is on retreat for their own reasons, and it can be a little daunting thinking about meeting new people especially if you are heading away for some much needed alone time or in a particularly difficult time or stage in your life. You certainly have the space for your own time on retreat (which is valuable) but we can learn something new from every person we meet. Not only is a retreat a great chance to make new friends but with every interaction with people there are takeaways we can get. It’s amazing the wisdom that’s out there, tap into it, learn from others!


Why not add a massage to your package and surrender yourself to the healing vibes of Byron Bay? All of your spa pampering can be enjoyed in-house so you can relax into your spa and wellness treatments without even having to leave our villa sanctuary.

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