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Best Bali Eats

Picture yourself waking up each day for an entire week knowing you don’t have to lift a finger to prepare or cook any of your meals, everything is thought out for you and all you have to do is sit down and enjoy knowing that you’re tucking into healthy & nourishing food for the body & soul.

In Ubud, Bali we are spoilt for choice in terms of amazing organic cafes, but our faves by far are Alchemy who cater raw, vegan and organic food in our very own private villa kitchen.

If you’re not familiar with their amazingness Alchemy is a place of transformation created by a group of earth-loving, tree hugging, downshifters who met in Bali and connected over their passions for live food, green juice and raw chocolate (yes our guests get desert or chocolate every night, it’s all about balance right)! In the current insatiable material world, Alchemy promote heart-based culture and set the intention for unconditional Love, Authenticity, Health, and Gratitude.

These are our values at Temple and align perfectly with the legends at Alchemy. It’s good to know we are in the hands of chefs who believe that health and happiness should be our highest priority if we want to live a longer more fulfilled life.

So guys if you have a trip to Ubud planned anytime soon I highly recommend paying a visit to this incredible restaurant, there are so many options for foodies to choose from in Bali but I haven’t met anyone who's been here and hasn’t gone back for seconds (or fifths in our case).

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