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I am so excited to share this weeks inspirational human with you guys, a good friend of mine, avid enjoyer of life and all around amazing bloke, Matt Boyce.

With the devastating sudden loss of his best friend Justin Cullen in an accident Matty says life from that moment has never been the same. For weeks on end he didn’t leave the comfort of his room, turned to valium and daytime TV, before he looked in the mirror and knew this wasn’t what he or what Justin would want from him. This moment is where the roots of his passion for helping others started.

At that turning point in his life the opportunity of a lifetime came up, the head coach role at CrossFit Coorparoo. He has now been in this position for nearly 3 years having found a new passion and purpose in life and embracing each and every 4am alarm that has come with it.

Since then Matty has gone on to use his life experience to give back and support those people who are going through tough times and open up the conversation around mental health. With his good friend and avid speaker, Chadwick Harding he has created an inspirational non for profit focusing on mental health in our youth.

I’ve never met anyone as passionate about making a change in the world as this beautiful human and I’m so proud to call him a dear friend and share our conversation with you guys today…

What is your non for profit business? and how can we get involved?

I can proudly say that myself along with a number of other passionate individuals have turned an idea Chadwick Harding and myself had into a reality with the creation of ‘Life Warriors’ a non for profit organisation that will conduct workshops and retreats for the youth. Our vision is simple - “To build mental health warriors and create a platform for emotional intelligence.” We believe that mental health is at a stage now where it is widely talked about yet we still don’t have the tools or services required to deal with it.

What inspired you to get involved in this cause?

Going through my own battle with some pretty disgusting demons after my best friend passing was a difficult experience to say the least. Although I had an extremely good support network there was still moments I felt I was alone with no one to turn to. I felt I didn’t have the tools to deal with the emotions I was feeling and in the education system we weren’t taught how to deal with sorrow, loss or worse depression. I am proud to say I have been a part of an event which raised in excess of $43k for charity, an astonishing figure, but for every dollar we have given to these charities I couldn’t tell you with 100% conviction that I know where it was spent. ‘Life Warriors’ our own non for profit organisation endeavors to provide a dollar figure, where you can see the percentage breakdown of exactly where the donations are going, from admin costs to hosting workshops. To me transparency has been lost in today’s society not only in charities but in day to day life, everyone is living with a filter and I believe by showing the real authentic version of yourself you allow others to do the same, this is exactly what I plan to do with not only my own life but through ‘Life Warriors’ as well.

What is your greatest achievement outside of what you do now?

Hosting ‘Lifting Above Violence 2017’ alongside one of my greatest friends Trent Hole and Rebekah Stokes. We managed to raise just over $20k for the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation and bring the entire Brisbane CrossFit community together to raise money and awareness about violence in the community.

What’s your favourite book or podcast?

I am currently reading Richard Branson's new autobiography and I can’t put it down. I find him so fascinating and motivational. Whether it be his business life or his attitude towards life with his motto “screw it, let’s do it” I think everyone can learn a thing or two from this man. When driving or sitting around with my headphones on you’ll find me listening to an ATP Science or Tim Ferris podcast.

What was the most challenging moment in your life journey so far?

Hands down losing my best friend, for a moment I thought I would never truly be happy again. However through the ongoing support of those closest to me and the love and motivation from my beautiful girlfriend I can say (though losing Justin was the hardest time of my 25 years on this earth) it has shaped me into the man I am today. I live everyday trying to make both Justin and my family proud of what I am trying to achieve.

Can you name some of your favourite gyms, yoga studios or wellness spaces around Brisbane?

Yoga teacher is an obvious one, Brodie Rees, not sure if you’ve heard off her she’s pretty rad and a phenomenal yoga teacher. I spend most my waking hours at CrossFit Coorparoo either coaching or working out and the buzz and community in that place is second to none. I can’t go past City Cave Wellness Centre, a world class recovery center with services ranging from massage or float therapy to yoga and Pilates. For all things stretchy I love to get down to Bend & Fly in West End or Harlow Hot Pilates and Yoga. Otherwise I’m a big believer in get outside and use your fitness!

How do you motivate yourself to wear so many different hats, work long hours, get up early for training etc?

Easy - If I don’t do it, someone else will have to, plus I get such a kick out of seeing someone’s life genuinely improve, even if I’ve only played a small part.

What do you find the most frustrating aspect of your job?

When someone doesn’t realise their potential. Nothing upsets me more than seeing what someone has inside of them only to be blocked by their own self doubt or limiting thoughts.

And lastly how can Temple help you on your journey right now?

Look out for your friends, check up on them and if someone shows signs that something is not quite right, ask! You being there for them could quite possibly save their life. Be compassionate, be forgiving, be adaptable but most importantly be a bad ass and don’t set any limitations on what it is you can achieve!

Life Warriors (Insta: life_warriors / FB: @lifewarriorsaustralia) are currently in the funding stages and require financial assistance to help make a real impact on our youth, the future of this beautiful country. We have successfully secured the assistance of Blue Water Lawyers and Hoffman and Kelly Accounting and Financial Advisory services to help legitimise this organisation as we believe charities and where money is directed within these organisations is a very grey area and we want to ensure for us, it is not. If you or your business wish to get involved please feel free to contact me (get in touch via Mattys insta @m.boyce).

….and remember this, HOW GOOD’S LIVING!

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