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Corporate Yoga & Meditation

Many people aren’t aware that before I became a yoga teacher I spent over 5 years in the corporate world of advertising and media. I wouldn’t change these years of my life for anything (even though it was an extremely stressful and fast paced time) because now that I’m a business owner the skills that I developed during this time allow me to run a successful retreat and corporate yoga company which I’m so proud of.

I can however look back on those times and acknowledge that I was extremely stressed out, never spending time in the moment, always looking forward and planning the future, and (as my husband can vouch for) just really not the best version of myself I could have been.

It’s ironic, now that I am out of the corporate world and a full time yogi, I spend a lot of my time trying to convince companies, businesses and offices to let me back into their space to share yoga and meditation with their employees.


I also wish so bad that I had access to mindfulness practices during my time in corporate (and not just the frantic rushing to a late night yoga class cause you feel guilty about eating the free donuts that were in the lunch room…you get a lot of free stuff in media).

It gives me so much hope and lights me up when I see companies valuing yoga and meditation and offering classes to their employees. The benefits of yoga and meditation to the individual are limitless, one of these benefits being the development of awareness of the effects of stress in our lives, and the skills with which to manage that stress.

Regular practice is proven to bring improved health to your mind and body, which inevitably is found to extend into your work environment too. And it’s not just you as an individual that benefits, its everyone around you, it’s your clients, your co-workers, it’s your husbands, your kids, your flat mates, your pup…yoga and meditation have this incredible trickle on effect.

Do you work for a company that has a health & wellness program in place? Or could you see the people in your office benefiting from cultivating more mindfulness and relaxation in their day? If you would like to bring yoga or meditation into your company I would love you to reach out

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