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Stress Less At Work

When stress sneaks up on you during the work day it can spell the end of your productivity. The next day you have twice as much to do so the stress remains and a vicious cycle ensues.

We are all very busy in our everyday lives and running a retreat business myself I definitely know how stress levels can sometimes take over. Even though I am a yoga teacher I'm not immune to sometimes giving in to the busy-ness of life and do forget to step back and reflect sometimes.

This is why I find a little meditation each day is the perfect antidote to feeling overwhelmed by my to do list. After making a permanent space for meditation in my life (and it might only be 10 mins a day) I've noticed I feel much more grounded and less impacted by stress.

Our beautiful friend Julia from has even more interesting ways to break the cycle of stress with 8 techniques to stress less at work over on her blog, we highly recommend checking it out!

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