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Is A Retreat Right For Me?

The question we hear most when people are sitting on the fence about booking is: How do I know if this retreat is right for me?

If you're wondering whether or not it's time to open your heart and mind by embarking on a retreat adventure with us, here are four signs that you're ready to hit the go button and come away with us:

1. You're ready for a change…

A retreat with Temple is all about finding balance. Yes, we offer yoga and meditation twice a day but we don’t describe ourselves as a ‘yoga retreat’. We prefer to look at our retreat as a chance to disconnect from your day to day, dive into yoga (if you wish, everything on offer is optional) and delicious organic food for breaky, lunch & dinner and reap the mind/body benefits of getting some much needed relaxation.

2. You're ready to meet new friends…

You and your fellow retreaters already have two things in common: the desire to rest and relax, and a love for travel. Is there a better foundation to build new friendships than a week of heart-opening and adventure?! We always leave our groups feeling like family, and a lot of our past retreaters have built friendships that have lasted well beyond that week away. It makes mine and Lisa’s heart melt when we see past groups catching up for dinner or drinks and staying in touch.

3. You and your iPhone could use a vacation from each other…

The great thing about Bali…you’re forced at times to put the phone away and actually be in the present moment. Our constant technological "connectedness" can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Although we know you may need to stay connected to family/friends on your stay with us (the wifi at our villa is pretty top notch) it’s a great opportunity to limit your screen time and live in the now!

4. You want to give travelling solo a go…

We have triple share rooms available for our solo travelers who are wanting to make new connections and friends. On retreat you meet people from all different walks of life and you never know what you will learn from someone you wouldn’t otherwise have the pleasure of chatting to. We have seen life long friendships form between our guests on previous retreats and it truly is what warms our hearts the most about these weeks away.

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