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Gabby's Retreat Experience

Lisa and I love nothing more than connecting with inspiring men and women and making lifelong friends on our retreats away in Bali. Gabby is one of those beautiful guests who we have had the privilege of hosting and the joy of spending time with, and we have watched her truly incredible transformation into a deeper knowledge of herself throughout her week long experience with us in Ubud.

We pride ourselves in creating heart opening experiences for our guests and we are proud to say that we haven’t had a dry eye in the house on our last day when everyone leaves our little sanctuary. It’s difficult leaving a group that becomes like family, and always daunting thinking about going back to reality and how you’re going to impliment all these tools for a better life in your own day to day.

We wanted to share with you a beautiful testimonial from Gabby, not to toot our own horn, but to share with you what lights us up and why we keep doing this thing we call our ‘job’. A raving review is always much more genuine coming from someone with firsthand experience (rather than us telling you how much you need our retreats, because of course we are going to say they're great).

It gives us so much joy to be making just a small change in the world…changing one retreat guests’ life at a time.


Gabby says…

“The thing I enjoyed the most about my week away was the connection made to total strangers who are all on the path to self-love and understanding. I personally had a transforming moment during the sound healing at the Pyramids of Chi in Ubud and this became the catalyst to reconnecting with myself.

I love yoga and meditation with Brodes and Lisa’s life lessons. They are fun, down to earth and beautiful beings. There were many things that I learnt that I wanted to implement when I returned home. A nightly routine of meditation. Whether it's 5 or 15 minutes it's happening!

The retreat space was beautiful. Close enough to everything but far enough to retreat.

I loved the food. I ate everything and never wanted anything different. Was never hungry. I loved the raw dinners, prepared with love.

I feel energised, calm and nervous about returning to reality, empowered, different. I've been given tools to help me grow spiritually, physically and emotionally and think anyone could benefit from this week away, all that's needed is a wish to be your best, an open heart to allow energy to flow, an open mind to try different things, and a spirit willing to learn about yourself.

I would recommend a Temple Yoga Retreat to anyone wanting a transformational experience. Brodie and Lisa carry professionalism mixed with love to their business. I also value the deep connection they have with the beautiful Balinese people that make Bali the perfect place to retreat to. We made friends with our accommodation managers, chefs, masseurs and drivers that made the experience so much more personal."


Gabs we love you. And want to Thank You so much for trusting us with your annual leave, your precious time and for bringing your energy to the group. We are so lucky to have such caring, beautiful guests each year and we can’t wait for more in 2019!

Want to join us in Bali in 2019?...Click HERE

x Lisa & Brodie

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