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One of the really special things that happens on retreat time and again is that all of our guests leave feeling like family. The connection that is forged between people from such different walks of life, who would never in any other circumstance have met each other is truly amazing for Lisa and I to see.

The other day Lisa and I came across a social post of three of our past guests going to a show in Brisbane together, these three had never met prior to our retreat in Bali. Two guys from our retreat this year (who are both in very different careers, have such different personalities, who bunked in together in our twin share room) now regularly have catch ups for runs and yoga together (*sigh*…super cute!)...

Everyone is on retreat for their own reasons and it can be a little daunting thinking about flying solo and meeting new people especially if you are heading away for some much needed alone time or in a particularly difficult time or stage in your life. You certainly have the space for your own time on retreat (which is valuable) but we can learn something new from every person we meet.

When asked what she enjoyed most about her retreat this year, our beautiful guest Hayley said “The girls. Nat and Gabs are like family now, and Brodie and Lisa you guys feel even more like that than you did before. I'll never forget how much fun I had with them and how relaxed I felt in that group. I didn't need to be anything to anyone, I could just be myself and I felt appreciated and loved for that too.”

No matter what the age group or walk of life, and ours are completely varied as you can tell from our insta feed (@templeyogaretreats). It’s the common ground of having taken a step to do something amazing for themselves that brings their spirits together over conversations, shared nutritious meals, a cocktail, and shared experiences.

Not only is a retreat a great chance to make new friends but with every interaction with people there is something we can take away..It’s amazing the wisdom that’s out there, tap into it. Lisa and I learn just as much from you guys, our guests, as we know you learn from each other!

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