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How We Roll On Retreat Pt1...

Ever had questions about our Temple Yoga & Retreats escapes?

You’re about to find out all you need to know about traveling with us…

Do I need to be a Yogi?

On retreat in Bali you will have the option to participate in daily Yoga and Meditation classes. Our yoga classes are an all levels practice suitable for all ages, fitness levels and Yoga experience. Brodie is dedicated to creating a supportive environment that invites exploration and encourages personal growth during your retreat. In general, the morning Yoga class focuses on helping to wake up the body and make the mind bright and alert for the day’s adventure ahead. In the evening, you have the option to participate in a Meditation class with a focus on breathing and mindfulness techniques to help you let go of any tension and set you up for a peaceful evening and the best nights sleep you have had in a while!

What if I don’t want to participate in the yoga or meditation?

As a guest on our Temple Retreat you will have the luxury of choosing from a range of activities during your stay, none of which are compulsory. We want you to listen to your body, like really truly ask your body what it wants in that exact moment in time, follow what makes you happy from day to day, and give yourself the power to choose only what will serve you to create your perfect retreat, it’s your choice how much or little you do.

Are all the inclusive activities compulsory?

While there is a set schedule for each day, and Lisa and I totally live for sharing our fave Ubud activities with you guys, you are not obliged to take part in everything. It is entirely up to you what activities you choose to do, some days might just call you to stay in bed with a good book and completely relax.

How many people attend each retreat?

We like to keep our groups small and intimate to ensure a more personalised experience for you, so traditionally we will aim for no more than 10 guests per retreat.

What does a typical day look like?

Each morning you have the opportunity to take part in a morning Yoga class in our beautiful outdoor Shala (class starts usually 7.30am) followed by a gourmet organic breakfast tailored to your specific dietary requirements. After a delicious breakfast and chatting about the activities on offer for the day you can either choose to partake in one of the cultural or wellness activities we have planned, head off on your own exploring the local area, or simply grab a good book and lay by the pool. Each day we will recommend a new local organic café or restaurant where we can all meet for lunch (optional, but there are so many incredible little places to eat in Ubud) and from lunch till dinner we allow free time for our guests to go inward, book a massage or spa treatment, or continue exploring. Dinner is served at approx. 6pm where we will all meet around another beautiful meal to share our day’s adventures. After dinner we hold a meditation class each evening before bed from 8pm and find this to be the perfect opportunity to wind down from the days activities and set yourself up for a perfect nights sleep. Day four of our retreat is traditionally a rest day or a ‘choose your own adventure day’ where you can choose between a cycling tour through the rice paddys or a traditional Indonesian cooking class!

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