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Meet Our Tribe - Gabby Buckland

One of the best things about retreat is meeting like minded people and making new friends. Community is so important to Lisa and I and we can safely say that the bonds and connections we have made with our guests (and them with one another) over the years is a bond that is unparalleled and really does last the test of time (when you spend a week growing and learning and having fun together you really leave feeling like family).

So we wanted to share a little insight into our retreat from one of our tribe, Gabby who joined us in Bali last year and has already booked into our next retreat again coming up this August!

What was the thing you enjoyed the most about your week away?

The connection made to total strangers who are all on the path to self love and understanding. I personally had a transforming moment during the sound healing in The Pyramids of Chi. This became the catalyst to reconnecting with myself.

What have you implemented on your return home?

I have implemented a nightly routine of meditation. Whether it's 5 or 15 minutes it's happening! Brodies suggestion of night verses morning works for me.

How did you find the service of your facilitators Lisa & Brodie?

They are amazing and inspirational. I love brodies yoga and meditation teaching and I love Lisas life lessons. They are fun, down to earth and beautiful beings.

Were you happy with your accommodation?

Yes it was close enough to everything but far enough to retreat. The facility was beautiful.

Did you enjoy the food provided? What was your fave meal?

I loved loved the food. I ate everything and never wanted anything different. Was never hungry. I loved the raw dinners, prepared with love.

What was your favourite activity?

Its hard to pick just one! I loved The Pyramids of Chi and bike tour through the rice fields. Daily yoga, massage and the inspire & insight sessions from Lisa that got us thinking and challenged us

How do you feel?

Energised, calm, nervous about returning to reality, empowered, different.

How will this retreat positively affect your life?

I've been given tools to help me grow spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Could anyone benefit from an experience like this? Why?

Yes, anyone could benefit, all that's needed is a wish to be your best, an open heart to allow energy to flow, an open mind to try different things, and a spirit willing to learn about yourself.

I would recommend Temple Yoga retreat to anyone wanting a transformational experience. Brodie and Lisa carry professionalism mixed with love to their business. I also value the deep connection they have with the beautiful Balinese people that make Bali the perfect place to retreat to. We made friends with our accommodation managers, chefs, masseurs and drivers that made the experience more personal.

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